Lucky Patcher Apk is an amazing gift for any Android user who turns different apps into mod apps with plenty of mod features. It turns different paid premium features of various apps into free ones. Android users have to use a plethora of apps on their devices for various tasks. But most apps contain plenty of paid features and also annoying ads. You can get rid of all those in-app ads and turn paid features into free ones with this app.

Android users also install a variety of games on their devices. These games bring unleashed entertainment and kill boredom. But these apps also contain ads & premium features. Moreover, there are certain in-game assets that are paid or dependent on crossing some very tough game levels. But Lucky Patcher Apk helps you to limit all sorts of in-game ads. It also brings unlimited in-game assets and coins for different games on your Android. Moreover, the paid features of games are also free for you if you have this amazing app.

Furthermore, it also assists the users in managing space between SD card and device Storage. There are certain apps on your Android that eat up a lot of space on your Device’s Storage. You can move the large-sized apps from Device Storage to the SD card to free up device memory. It also removes trashed apps and unwanted backups & system apps. It also frees up a lot of space which is very assistive in running your device smoothly.


This amazing app falls in the “tool apps” category and contains an endless list of features. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

Get Rid of In-app & In-game Ads

An Android device user installs plenty of apps and games on his/her Android device. But every game and app brings a plethora of commercial ads. These ads are irritating & annoying. These also waste a lot of time & spoil your mode. Lucky Patcher App enables you to get rid of all sorts of commercial ads. This app will restrict all sorts of ads in various apps and games on your device.

Turn Premium Apps & Features into Free Ones

Different Apps & games or either paid or contain some sort of premium features. One has to pay real money for these premium apps, games, and features. But Lucky Patcher enables you to get rid of paid in-app or in-game purchases. You can enjoy certain premium apps and features free of cost. This app actually bypasses the billing page to get different apps or paid features of apps without paying real money.

Manage Permissions for Different Apps & Games

Different third-party or unknown source apps ask you to allow certain permissions on your device. Some of these permissions are suspicious or can access your personal device data. Manage & limit those unknown & suspicious permissions with Lucky Patcher Apk.

Unlimited Assets & Assistance for Gaming Lovers

This lucky Patcher app means a lot to gaming lovers. Android users love to kill boredom by playing games. But what to do when you are stuck on a tough level or there is a scarcity of in-game coins and assets? This app helps Android gamers tackle tough game levels as well as brings unlimited in-game money, coins, gems, and other assets & assists.

Move Apps from Device Storage to SD Card

This is another enthralling and amazing feature of this app. This feature allows you to move any installed app or game from your device storage to an SD card to free up more space on your device storage disk. So that you can install or store more stuff on your device storage.

Turn Different Installed Apps into System Apps

As an Android user, you have to install certain apps & games. Some apps are used very frequently by you and have much importance for you. You can change these important & frequently used apps into system apps. With this feature, you can turn any app into a system app that is a permanent part of your Android device.

Data Backup

The Lucky Patcher app also serves as data backup. You can back up certain files, apps, or games on this app and can retrieve your data from its backup whenever you want. This data backup platform is secure and reliable. Hence you can store important files, documents, or apps here and can retrieve them whenever you need them.

User-friendly & Device-Friendly App

This app comes with a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Moreover, video tutorials are also given on this page. This app is also 100% Android-friendly. All sorts of glitches, malware, and bugs are kept away from this app to make it a device-friendly Android product.

Lucky Patcher APK

Requirement for Installation

To get maximum results from Lucky Patcher, your device must meet all the requirements. Following are some notable requirements for the efficient & effective working of this app.

  • Android devise with version 2.33 or higher versions.
  • Your Android device RAM should be 2 GB or more.
  • A minimum of 8 GB of device storage is also for the proper functioning of this app.
  • This app is compatible with rooted and unrooted devices. But this app gives the best performance on rooted devices.
  • You should also allow certain required permissions to this app on your device.


As this app restricts all sorts of ads and turns different premium features into free which is against Google’s Rules, hence, google might take it as Malware or a virus. But it is not Malware or virus at all. Rather it is a very useful app that totally changes the experience of using an Android device. Hence there is always a warning shown to the users while installing this app. To avoid this warning, you must Disable the “Google Play Protect” from the Play Store of your Android.

Moreover, most websites feature a file for Lucky Patcher APK that does not work effectively. You can grab a 100% working, safe, secure, and completely free app from here.

How to Download & Install


Click or tap the download button to head toward the download page. Now, tap the download button. It will kick off the download process immediately. The file size is not too big so won’t take much time. After completing the download, head to the installation setup.


The installation process is a bit tricky. Must read the precautions and do the required steps. You must disable ‘Google Play Protect’ before installation as mentioned in the precautions. Now follow the below-given steps for Installation.

  • Open the downloaded file of Lucky Patcher APK.
  • It will open a pop-up containing ‘Yes’ & ‘No’.
  • Click on ‘Yes’.
lucky patcher 1
  • A pop-up will start preparing the installation. Wait for the completion of preparing step.
lucky patcher 3
  • It will open a new pop-up. It will ask you to allow “Unknown Source Installations”.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ from this pop-up.
lucky patcher 4
  • Allow installation from LP Installer as shown in the image.
lucky patcher 5
  • Now locate the ‘Install’ button & tap on it.
lucky patcher 6


Is Lucky Patcher on iOS?
No, it is not for iOS users. Only Android users can use this app.
Why Lucky Patcher is not working?
Your app might be outdated. Uninstall the app from your device. Download the latest version original & 100% working app from our website.
How to use Lucky Patcher?
Go through the article given on the homepage of this website to know all about this app.

Lucky Patcher APK


For me, Lucky Patcher is a must-have app for all Android users. It brings plenty of facilities and services for the users. Get rid of ads on all apps & games. Enjoy movies and web series on paid platforms for free with this app. Turn different in-app features into free ones. Enjoy unlimited assets in your favorite games. Turn in-game paid features into free. Move apps into your SD card to manage more device space. Back up important files and data with this amazing app. Manage all the permissions & licenses for your Android device. All this and countless other features make Lucky Patcher a perfect gift for Android lovers.